Fernandina Beach Golf

Written by Jill Morrison
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Fernandina Beach golf is a popular activity for Amelia Island guests. Fernandina Beach is a town on Amelia Island in Florida. The town is very charming and features many historic sights.

Fernandina Beach Golf Characteristics

Though Fernandina Beach has much historic significance, it is a well-known travel location for golfers. Fernandina Beach golf is nationally recognized as one of the must-see golf communities. In addition to providing excellent golf course maintenance and ambience, the climate in Fernandina Beach is mild and enjoyable.

Amelia Island features six different courses and they are all appropriate for golfers of every level. 153 total holes are available on these courses. The Fernandina Beach Golf Club is the only course that is completely open to the public.

Because the climate is so wonderful on the island, golf packages are offered year-round in Fernandina Beach. The courses are beautifully designed to wind through pine, palm, and oak trees, gardens, and beautiful beach scenes. In addition to the beautiful environment, Fernandina Beach offers numerous courses and practice grounds so that golfers can improve their skills.

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