Fernandina Beach Vacation Rentals

Written by Jill Morrison
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Fernandina Beach vacation rentals are recommended for most Amelia Island guests. Fernandina Beach is the only major town on Amelia Island in Florida. Amelia Island is popular for its beautiful climate, scenery, lodging, and activity choices.

Fernandina Beach is a charming and historic town. There are many sites and building that carry significant historical importance, particularly from the Civil War era. The highlight of the town is the 50 block historic district with old shops, restaurants, and museums for visiting.

Options in Fernandina Beach Vacation Rentals

There are many activities available for Fernandina Beach guests. Vacationers enjoy horseback riding, swimming, fishing, golf, tennis, bicycling, sight-seeing, and hiking. Most of these activities can only be enjoyed after purchasing Fernandina Beach vacation rentals.

Many visitors purchase Fernandina Beach vacation rentals for their time or equipment used for particular activities. Fishing is a popular activity and requires the rental of equipment, boat, time on the boat, and possibly lessons. Other recreational activities such as tennis or golf may only need guests to rent time on the premises, but will surely offer the rental of equipment as well.

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