Florida Fishing Trips

Written by Jill Morrison
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Florida fishing trips are desirable for many travelers. Florida has a wonderful climate and is surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It also has many fresh water lakes and rivers that are great for fishing.

Options in Florida Fishing Trips

Florida fishing trips are often entertaining because of the vast amount of sea life and available fish to catch. The scenic views are also beautiful in Florida which makes the trip more enjoyable. You can also observe various types of sea life on Florida fishing trips, such as sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and even wild horses on the shore.

Florida fishing can be enjoyed from a boat, the shore, or from a pier. Bass fishing is one of the more popular types in Florida and can be enjoyed in both fresh and tidal waters. Though fishing in the sea is most common, there is plenty of off-shore fishing available in Florida.

Amelia Island is a popular location for fisherman and vacationers who enjoy fishing. You can fish from the shore, rent a boat, and even hire a pro to teach you a few tricks. Fernandina Beach is an area of Amelia Island that is commonly used as a port for commercial shrimp boats.

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