Florida Horseback Riding

Written by Jill Morrison
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Florida horseback riding is a popular activity on many Florida vacations. Most would not associate horseback riding with Florida. However, Florida is actually considered to be a prime location for riding terrain.

Florida Horseback Riding Details

Florida horseback riding is popular in many Florida vacation spots. The upper area of Florida's panhandle boasts the highest elevation in Florida, at 350 feet. This area features beaten pathways, flat terrain and natural woodlands which are ideal for horseback riding.

Davie is a town in Florida that has the most prominent old western motif. Davie has a rodeo arena, western-themed saloons and town hall, and trails set aside for horseback riding. Tour guides will take you on a horseback riding adventure through the town and more secluded trails.

Florida horseback riding is not limited to country-western style areas. Many Florida visitors enjoy horseback riding through luscious gardens or on sandy shores. Amelia Island offers horseback riding in a picturesque atmosphere and is a popular vacation activity.

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