Garden Weddings In Florida

Written by Jill Morrison
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Garden weddings in Florida are desirable for many couples. Florida houses many locations with lush vegetation, beautiful flowers, and shady trees. The climate in Florida allows for gardens to be beautiful for most months each year.

Locations for Garden Weddings in Florida

Garden weddings in Florida can be seen in many different locations in Florida. One of the most popular locations is Amelia Island. Amelia Island features a plethora of gardens, forest areas, and also beautiful beaches.

Amelia Island is commonly visited by couples looking for a romantic getaway. There are many garden areas that are appropriate for weddings on the island. These areas allow for any number of guests to be seated, along with beautiful garden views, bridges, and gazebos.

In addition to hosting garden weddings in Florida, Amelia Island also offers various lodging packages for honeymoons. The Williams House is a popular Bed and Breakfast mansion that caters to newlywed couples. This package includes breakfast, stay in an elegant room, large whirlpool tubs, impeccable service, and special gifts for newlyweds.

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