Australia Immigration Law

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Australian immigration law is firmly rooted in the Migration Act 1958, a complicated piece of legislation that governs the subsequent policies of the government. The various types of visas--82 of them--are derived from this seminal Act and the Migration Regulations 1994. Fortunately for those interested in visiting or immigrating permanently to Australia, they don't have to interpret these laws by themselves, but can seek registered migration agents for interpretation and assistance.

Migration Agents in Other Countries

Australia has a well-established system of migration agents who are trained and educated in immigration law and are legally able to offer advice about immigration matters. They can help with asylum and citizenship issues, as well as any other immigration concerns. Bound by a stringent Code of Conduct, these agents are held to standards similar to those that regulate attorneys.

There are Australian-registered migration agents in other countries, but not all countries. In case you find yourself having to rely on local agents who are not registered with Australia, check local regulations to see about licensing, training, and education of agents. Some countries permit migration services and regulate agents, and some prohibit any migration advice at all.

For example, in Germany only social welfare, non-profit organizations are allowed to give migration advice. In the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, and Korea, migration agents are permitted and regulated. Canada is currently establishing a registration system after reorganizing its border and immigration departments.

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