Australia Immigration Policies

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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The underlying principle of Australian immigration policies is non-discrimination. For over 25 years, Australia has actively encouraged and recruited skilled workers from many fields to migrate to this country and participate in building a vital economy. This policy grows stronger each year as Australians realize the positive impact multicultural immigration has had on many aspects of Australian living.

Anyone can apply to immigrate to this continent regardless of sex, color, ethnic origin or religion. Everyone must meet the basic visa requirements of good health and good character, but other criteria are objective and applied fairly. These criteria include age restrictions, skill level, business experience, and English ability.

Sponsorship Is a Key

A sponsor is a person or government that can attest to your financial resources, or affirm that you have the requisite experience for a particular visa. It does help if you have a close relative who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is willing to sponsor you in government proceedings. In applying for spouse/partner visas, an Australian sponsor is mandatory and must be the other spouse or partner. Not only does this cut down on fraud, but it permits immigration of people who have genuine and ongoing relationships.

Sponsorship is highly advantageous in applications for certain business visas, because it lowers the criteria the applicant must meet. When slots are competitive, every advantage may be critical. In one type of business visa, sponsorship by a state or territory is required. In any visa application, it is helpful to have an Australian of good character vouch for your good character.

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