Australia Travel Tips

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Travelers with special needs are often overlooked both by travel guides and by the information issued by a particular government about travel to its country. There are, however, quite a few groups of visitors who may require special information or assistance. Travelers are a mixed lot of all ages, health requirements, and interests.

Travelers with disabilities often have a tough time accessing various buildings, but in Australia, most hotels, public restrooms, stores, and attractions have wheelchair access. Even some diving companies accept scuba divers with disabilities. In larger cities, taxi companies can usually send a taxi equipped for wheelchairs. There are many travel agencies and touring companies that arrange transportation and tours for visitors with disabilities.

Other Groups with Special Needs

Australians frequently travel with their children, so families that visit Australia will find a kid-friendly atmosphere and arrangements at resorts. Women travelers can go online and tap into welcoming groups that offer advice on traveling safely. Singles traveling alone often have to pay a surcharge, or penalty, for single occupancy, but some places in Australia combat this. There are also several online groups that can help singles get together for double occupancy and other arrangements that reduce or eliminate the singles penalty.

Despite its lingering reputation for being anti-gay and lesbian, Australia provides plenty of socializing opportunities and lots of support services. Sydney is renowned for its acceptance of gays and hosts the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Seniors are frequently called pensioners in Australia; they should always ask about discounts wherever they go--on airplanes, to attractions, and in hotels.

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