Australia Visa Forms

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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There are 82 types of Australian visas, and each has its own government form. Although imposing, finding the right application simply involves finding the form that fit your circumstances, and then requesting it online or in person from an official Australian office overseas. Online sources include the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA), or any of the websites of the registered Australian migration agents.

The Forms

For those interested in the Permanent Skilled Immigration visa, there are 17 possible forms. If you are not sponsored, you need a form that uses the word "independent" in the title, such as Independent Skilled Migration visa. There are many sponsored visas listed in this general category, for example, Skilled Migrant-Australian Family Sponsored visa. Some knowledge of the requirements for each of these visas will help you determine which apply to you.

For the category of Permanent Business Immigration visa, the forms range from Business Owner (Provisional), to State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner, to Investor (Provisional) visa. Permanent Family Immigration visas have 15 choices: Spouse or De Facto Spouse Migrant, Dependent Child, Adoption, Orphan Child, Aged Parent Migration, Remaining Relative, and Carer. Included in the permanent family group are the Prospective Marriage Partner and Independent Partner Migration.

The Temporary groups are comprised of Temporary Student visas, Temporary Electronic Travel Authority visas, and Miscellaneous. The latter category consists of Retirement visas, Working Holiday visa, and Visiting Academic visa. To round out this large classification of potential visitors to Australia are the Sport visa, Entertainment visa, Film, Media, Actors, and Support Staff visas, and Skilled Exchange visa.

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