Australian Universities

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Australian education and universities are world-class and are recognized internationally as providing high-quality courses and degrees in many fields. The nation is a world leader in English language studies for international students. It is distinguished by the Australian Qualifications Framework, which is a national system of educational pathways renowned in many other countries.

Education Facts

Of particular importance to international students is the question of whether or not Australian courses and degrees are recognized and respected in other countries. The stature of Australian universities is such that the education provided is readily accepted elsewhere. More than 180,000 students from 80 countries study in this country every year, and they can be assured that their experience will be valued in their home countries.

You must have a visa to study in Australia, and will be granted one only if you are enrolled in a full-time course of study and fulfill other visa requirements. Costs vary with the university and location, of course, but surveys show that Australia is consistently less expensive than the United States or United Kingdom. Scholarships are available, but most are reserved for postgraduate study; most international students pay the full fees and are not on scholarships.

The Australian government has a wide network of Education and Training Counselors, Australian Education Centres, and education advisers all over the world. These professional advisers provide accurate and reliable advice on studying in Australia. Information is readily obtained online from various websites of the government. Universities may be found in every state and territory of Australia, from Tasmania to the Northern Territory.

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