Australian Visa Information

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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The most accurate and detailed Australian visa information is available from immigration agents registered with the Australian government. These agents are regulated and must adhere to the Code of Conduct for their profession. If, however, you live in a country in which there are no Australian-registered migration agents, you can always go to local agents for information and advice about filing your visa application.

Finding an Agent

If you prefer the convenience of going online, migration agents can be found by using search engines and any of several keyphrases: migration agents, immigration consultants or advisers, or immigration lawyers. The website of the National Library of Australia has links to several search engines that should prove helpful. If you use the library's directories, look for a general category, such as "passports and visas," which will then steer you to the specific topic you want.

Professional groups in each country should provide links or references to various migration agents who are practicing in accordance with the requirements of their country. The Law Council of Australia maintains a list of overseas professional groups that can lead you to an agent in your area. Such groups include attorneys, immigration agents, and advisers and counselors for ethnic groups.

The Yellow Pages, either online or offline, are always a reasonable source to check for professional groups and immigration attorneys. An obvious resource is the governmental immigration department in a particular country. The websites of these official agencies are filled with detailed information about emigration and immigration, and provide useful links to other informative websites.

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