Australian Visas

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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"G'day, mate!" Everybody knows the famous, friendly greeting of Aussies in "The Land Down Under." With its equally well-known kangaroos and koalas, Australia is a land of unique native animals and stunning natural panoramas. It is the only island-continent in the world, and the sixth-largest country on earth.

This is a vast and endlessly-varied land, so huge that it roughly equals the size of the mainland United States. From torrid deserts to lush rainforests to some of the world's best beaches, Australia easily shows why it is a mecca for people who love the outdoors, watersports, and lots of space. Known for their devotion to sports and beer, industrious Aussies welcome those from around the globe who want to share their dedication to hard work and fun in the sun.

Become a Part of a Thriving Economy

Aside from the unsurpassed beauty of this enormous nation, Australia is inviting to immigrants and their families because of its strong economy. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predicts a much higher-than-average rate of growth for Australia, which puts it in a singular category compared to the other 30 member-countries. Specifically, Australia's gross domestic product (GDP), an economic indicator, has averaged 3.3 percent since 1990.

This country has a rapidly growing and influential telecommunications and information technology (IT) infrastructure, which is ranked 10th in the world. Its systems constitute one of the largest in Asia, and it is intent on remaining competitive to meet the challenge of this burgeoning technology. In the two years ending in June 2001, Australia's IT market grew by 26 percent, even though there were economic roadblocks to such development worldwide.

Become a Part of a Skilled Workforce

Immigrating to Australia places workers in a country distinguished as one of the top 10 nations for availability of skilled workers, including those with skills in engineering, financial matters, and information technology. Australia actively recruits immigrants from around the world to bring their professional training and education to this receptive nation.

This is an opportune time to consider migrating to Australia. With 68,000 visas available this year for skilled workers, an applicant with the right qualifications might be granted one of these lifetime visas that confer unrestricted work rights in the country. Meet the general visa requirements of health and character, and the specific requirements for the skilled worker visa, and you may be one of the lucky ones who join the workforce in this spectacular land.

Migration Agents Can Help

Partly to facilitate the immigration of the best qualified individuals from the countries of the world, Australia has a well-established system of migration agents. These Australian-registered agents can be found inside the country, and in various other nations. They are educated and trained in Australian immigration law, and are authorized to give advice and assistance to applicants for all types of visas.

As with any bureaucracy or governmental agency, complications can arise in the progression of a visa application through the system. Migration agents with legal training in addition to agent courses can provide comprehensive services: interpretation of laws, legal advice as to the best way to proceed, and full-service assistance at every stage of the visa procedure.

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