Free Immigration Advice

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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When looking for registered migration agents, one criterion might be the availability of free immigration advice. Free advice will not only give you some necessary answers, but should provide some idea as to the experience and training of the agent. Some agents only provide the fullest possible service, which is also the most costly. Others might only offer a bare-bones approach, which might be deficient in information.

The latter case shows the importance of seeking out agents who have education beyond the three-day course that is required. Some agents have legal backgrounds, which gives them a deeper insight into the immigration laws and policies of the government. They may also have a greater range of expertise and should be able to give full and complete answers to your questions.

What Kind of Advice Is Free?

Look for an agent who offers a free, online assessment for the visa you want. This could be critical to your chances of success. If there is no hope of your meeting the minimal requirements for your visa, you can find out immediately and save a lot of time and money. On the other hand, if it's just a matter of a missing document or some other flaw that can be remedied, the agent has saved you delays or, possibly, rejection.

Also look for an offer of a free, online consultation that will provide the agent with details about you. This gives the agent a better, fuller idea of your background, skills, and circumstances. All this information is then used to evaluate your eligibility for the visa and to give you personalized advice and solutions.

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