Immigration Fees

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Immigration fees are set by the Australian government for various types of visas. Because the government requires a visa from visitors of every country except New Zealand, the schedule of fees is important information for every applicant for a visa. Almost every group of visitors must pay for their visas, but there are a couple of notable exceptions.

Australia has an excellent online resource you can use, or your travel agent or airline can tap into. The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) issues electronic visas that are just as valid as the stamp in your passport. In fact, this online visa takes the place of that stamp, so you need not go through this step when entering Australia.

Fees Vary with the Kind of Visa

Currently, an ETA visa costs A$20 (Australian dollars), which is US$13 (United States dollars), payable by credit card. If you meet general visa requirements, your application should be approved within minutes. Check with some official source--Australian embassy or consulate--to get up-to-date listings for all visa fees.

Business travelers who plan more than a short stay in the country can apply for a Long Validity Business visa, which costs A$65 (US$42). If you are not a tourist or a business person, you will pay A$65 (US$42) for a Temporary Residence visa. This large group includes students, sports figures, media representatives, performers, and other social/cultural individuals. Two groups receive free visas: tourists who need a Visitor ETA, and business people who need a Short Validity Business ETA.

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