Immigration News Updates

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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City, state, and federal laws change constantly in the United States, and other governments around the world are equally subject to reform. It is impossible for one person to keep up with all these modifications and sometimes outright changes in social policy. Even tracking immigration laws and procedures is a daunting task, and lay people often do not have the background in law or governmental bureaucracies to decipher the repercussions of changes.

A Migration Agent Stays Current

Fortunately for visa applicants who want to become a part of the Australian economy and culture, registered migration agents provide detailed and invaluable services for their clients. When you find agents who offer a range of services, continuing support for clients, and legal advice based on legal training, you have an exceptional ally. The best-trained agents are committed to their profession and to obtaining your visa for you. One of the foundations of their expertise is their dedication to staying on top of immigration news updates.

Registered agents must enroll in Continuing Professional Development courses before renewing their registration each year. Their Code of Conduct requires that they stay current on immigration issues and regulations, and that they transmit all relevant information to their clients. Their responsibility is to apply their accruing knowledge to your visa application in order to make possible your permanent residency in Australia.

Taking a three-day course or a semester of a correspondence course is all that is necessary to become a migration agent, but there are agents who have extensive legal backgrounds. They can bring to a client's case training, education, and expansive expertise. Their overview of the immigration system contributes to a knowing application of their special insight based on immigration laws and immigration news updates.

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