Live In Australia

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Living and making a home in Australia has increasingly appealed to emigrants around the world since the end of World War II. The natural beauty of the island, plus a vibrant economy, has made it a prime destination for skilled workers in many fields. Not only are the prospects of good jobs in a chosen profession excellent, but the continent itself promises the good life in a protected environment.

Flying Is the Way to Go

The very first characteristic visitors must get used to is how far it is from place to place in this immense land. You aren't going to "see" Australia in a few days! Flying is the means of transportation--even for locals--because of the distance between towns and cities and landmarks. Despite an excellent system of highways, the distances are simply too great to allow for much sightseeing by car.

From Sydney on the southeast coast to Perth on the southwest coast is 2,552 miles by road. From Brisbane in the middle of the east coast to Melbourne on the southeast coast is 1,039 miles by road. Even cities that appear relatively close on a map are a considerable distance if driving: Sydney to Melbourne is 542 miles.

Clean Streets and Clear Skies

Aside from its fabled beaches and wide open spaces, Australia offers beautiful, clear skies that reach down to touch the bronzed deserts of the Outback. Clean streets and little violent crime, a high living standard and an excellent educational system--these are just a few of the attractions that are luring visitors to this peaceful continent.

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