Online Immigration Cases

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Although Australia has an excellent system of quality migration agents to help applicants obtain visas, the agencies themselves vary as to the level of service provided to clients. Check the websites of different agents and agencies and compare the kinds of support and assistance you can expect, as well as the fees charged. Some agents, for example, only provide full services, which are the most expensive.

Online Advice

Without traveling to Australia, or searching for a registered migration agent in your own country, you can quickly get written advice from a registered migration agent online. If you can't wait days or weeks for answers to urgent migration questions related to business or employment, ask your questions and receive an email response from a professional agent. If you are going to file your immigration application by yourself, but need guidelines, advice, or document checklists, ask an agent and receive a reply shortly.

When you submit your questions, an experienced agent will conduct the relevant research and respond within 24 hours by email. This is an excellent means of obtaining reliable information, especially if you cannot afford the full services of an agent. You can still receive guidance and support without having to pay a bill you just cannot afford.

To take advantage of this service, simply go online with an agent and select a payment method, then follow the instructions for submitting your questions. You may ask for advice about skills assessments, visa requirements, or how best to deal with the immigration department in Australia. In fact, any immigration or citizenship issue is fine: character and health requirements for visas, Australian cost of living, or English language proficiency questions.

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