Study In Australia

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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If you want to study in Australia, you must obtain a Student Visa, which permits you to enter and remain in the country during your course of study. There are two steps to the visa process, starting with the Pre Visa Assessment (PVA). This must be successfully completed before taking a medical examination or paying tuition.

An applicant must meet all the following criteria. Evidence of enrollment is critical, so an Australian institution must provide you with a Letter of Offer that substantiates your full-time enrollment. Second, your sponsors must provide evidence that there are adequate cash assets, and that they have been held for at least six months before the pre visa application date.

Third, you must show that you have a minimum level of proficiency in English. Last, a visa officer must evaluate your present circumstances to determine the chances of your returning home, thereby violating your visa conditions. Once you receive PVA approval, you are then ready to undergo final processing, which includes taking a physical exam and paying tuition.

Permanent Residency for Students

If living in Australia is your goal, you must get your legal status taken care of before you graduate. If your Student Visa will expire before you can obtain a skilled visa that authorizes permanent residency, apply for a Graduate Skilled Temporary Visa. At any rate, you must apply for a permanent residency visa within six months of the completion of your studies. Immigration to Australia involves the accrual of points, and you may receive bonus points toward obtaining a permanent residency visa for having completed qualifying study in Australia.

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