Work In Australia

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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For those millions who are entranced by Australia after touring the island and want to stay, the country offers several kinds of visas that will permit you to work there. Tourists may not work while visiting Australia, so other categories of visas must be obtained that authorize both entry into the country and engaging in a profession. If you are visiting for business purposes, you have two choices, depending on the frequency of your trips to Australia.

The Short Validity Business ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) authorizes one visit of no more than three months during a one-year period. This visa is free, but a charge is attached to a Long Validity Business visa, which allows as many three-month stays as you wish for as long as your passport is valid.

Skilled Workers Are in Demand

Australia's strong economy and expanding telecommunications infrastructure create a need for skilled workers from many professions. For 2004-2006, the migration program has reserved 140,000 permanent residency visas for skilled immigrants. With a thriving economy, chances of obtaining a high-paying job in your field are good.

The Australian government gathers statistics about the success of skilled immigrants. These statistics reveal that 89 percent of visa holders obtain employment within the first six months, and 92 percent within 18 months. Stability is further reinforced by the fact that these visas are good for a lifetime, and confer on the worker unrestricted work rights.

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