All Inclusive Bahamas Vacations

Written by Patty Yu
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Travelers from all over the world enjoy taking advantage of all-inclusive Bahamas vacations throughout the year. With temperatures in the 70's through winter and 80s in the summer, the Bahamas is an ideal vacation spot any month of the year! Visitors enjoy the diversity between the islands, with 40 inhabited islands out of 700 total islands and cays.

Besides the gorgeous weather year round, the Bahamas offers visitors a rich, cultural, and unique experience all around. Each island holds a diverse history, since people of all cultures settled on different islands long ago. Some islands are so quiet and secluded that only one telephone line exists in the lighthouse! Others are extremely developed, housing large resorts, casinos, golf courses, and other attractions!

With such diversity, travel to the Bahamas can be as extravagant or simple as you'd like. Some vacationers want to learn about real Bahaman culture and mingle with locals, so they stay at smaller resorts or hotels in smaller cities. Many travelers prefer all-inclusive Bahamas vacations at one of the "mega" resorts for a luxurious, exotic, relaxing, and pampered experience.

About all-inclusive Bahamas Vacations

Large resorts usually offer all-inclusive Bahamas vacations as a package, offering a higher, but reasonable rate for a comprehensive vacation deal. Rather than paying extra for meals, snacks, drinks, activities, and entertainment, the higher nightly rate includes just about all the wining, dining, and dancing you desire! Some resorts even refuse gratuities because tips are also included in the all-inclusive rate!

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