Bahamas Beach Resorts

Written by Patty Yu
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Every year, vacationers from all over the world take a look at the many Bahamas beach resorts when making travel arrangements. Weather in the Bahamas stays pleasant and warm year round and ranges from the low 70°F in the winter months to the lower 80°F in the summer months. With 700 islands and cays making up the country, of which 40 are populated, the Bahamas make an ideal destination for a romantic and fun getaway.

Choosing Between Bahamas Beach Resorts

Not only are there several islands to choose from, each with individual personalities and Bahaman charm, but there are multiple resort choices on most of those islands! The seemingly endless options make planning travel to the Bahamas challenging, but exciting for sure. One of the first things to do is decide which islands you want to find lodging, unless you prefer a cruise vacation.

Smaller Bahamas beach resorts offer visitors quieter, more intimate accommodations, with fewer rooms and guests roaming about. Although these smaller places are intimate, most are still conveniently located to modern conveniences such as the bank, restaurants, salons, or a post office. However, Bahamas guests also have choices between large hotels that were once the largest facilities prior to the emergence of huge resorts.

Many find the huge "mega" resorts the most convenient options since many offer all-inclusive Bahama deals that include meals, drinks, recreational activities, and even some spa services. The giant resorts are on giant properties found in the larger Bahamas islands. Within these resorts are convenience stores, drug stores, restaurants, a bank, and any other luxury you require. Costs are higher at these "mega" Bahamas beach resorts, but most enjoy the valued service.

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