Bahamas Vacations

Written by Patty Yu
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Bahamas vacations are some of the most coveted tropical island vacations around the world, with 700 islands and cays offering visitors an array of delights. Of all the many islands, 40 are populated by nearly 300,000 Bahamian people, who are as welcoming as the gorgeous islands are inviting. Stunningly clear, turquoise waters surround each island to touch white sandy beaches in most areas.

Not only do visitors enjoy the serene, tropical setting on Bahamas vacations, but they also experience some of the most ideal weather. During winter months, the Bahamas experience temperatures that rarely dip below the 70s. The awesome winter weather is still no match to the perfect summer temperatures, staying in the high 70s to 80s, and hardly ever any hotter. Bahamas vacations are extremely ideal for those who want a lot of sun!

Every Bahamas island holds very unique and distinct personalities, offering visitors a multitude of experiences. Many different cultures and histories make up the islands, each one different from the rest. Much of these differences stem from the different settlers to the islands, such as Arawak Indians, Floridian Seminole Indians, post-Revolutionary planters, and even pirates!

Popular Bahama Attractions

Aside from the picturesque landscapes and unbeatable weather, many other attractions draw visitors to the Bahamas from all over the world. Particularly in the very developed cities, like Nassau and Freeport, are many modern facilities, accommodations, and luxuries for very comfortable Bahamas vacations. Hotels and resorts of all sizes, casinos, golf courses, and entertainment are endless!

Nassau, the nation's capital, is located on New Providence Island and offers an array of Bahama attractions. The city boasts a lovely blend of both old world charm and modern amenities. Preserved colonial buildings are mixed in with world-class hotels and resorts, while the city offers countless dining options, shopping, and entertainment. Paradise Island connects to Nassau by bridge and offers some of the most glamorous resorts, dining, and nightlife one could desire from Bahamas vacations.

In the Bahamas, the second most popular tourist destination is Freeport, Grand Bahama Islands. Unlike Nassau, though similar to Paradise Island, Freeport is a city planned and built from the ground up to be a modernistic city. Home of many top-notch resorts, Freeport attracts tons of visitors with two casinos, great golf courses, and tons of entertainment. Many resorts offer all-inclusive Bahamas vacations with meals, dining, activities and entertainment all provided in the package.

Arriving at Bahamas Vacations

Partly what makes the two major cities of Nassau and Freeport so frequented is the easy accessibility. Nassau International Airport and Freeport International Airport are the only airports in the Bahamas that receive flights from outside the Caribbean. Other islands in the Bahamas are equipped with landing strips that handle smaller planes arriving from Nassau airport.

Although the Freeport airport receives flights from many cities in the southern United States, most of the incoming flights are from the Nassau airport. The Nassau airport receives the most flights originating outside the Caribbean, with daily flights to and from Florida, as well as weekly flights from New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Montreal. European travelers must connect in Miami for their Bahamas vacations.

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