Grand Bahama Island Hotels

Written by Patty Yu
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On the second most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas, there are plenty of Grand Bahama Island hotels to choose between. From charming small hotels to extravagant "mega" resorts, all types of travelers find suitable accommodations to fit any budget. Some vacationers like to personalize their whole trip, while others enjoy purchasing a comprehensive package that includes all the necessities.

Grand Bahama Island Hotels: Freeport

The main attractions that draw crowds to Grand Bahama vacations lie in the city of Freeport, which is also known in conjunction with Lucaya. Unlike the country's capital, Nassau, which blends old world with new, the Freeport/Lucaya area was well planned with a modernistic approach to offer visitors any pleasure they desire. Although much of the activity centers in Freeport/Lucaya, the rest of the island offers many natural treasures.

In Freeport, visitors have options between all types of Grand Bahama Island hotels, but the city is best known for the massive resorts. Large resorts in this modern city offer travelers all-inclusive Bahama deals that include almost everything a guest may need. Meals, drinks, snacks, activities, and entertainment are paid for in the package rate, which is usually a great value for everything included.

However, not all guests wish to stay at a large resort, but prefer to mingle with the locals instead of other tourists. On Grand Bahamas, there are still many areas that are less developed, offering visitors a taste of the island's natural beauty. Long stretches of white beaches, an underwater cave system, and intimate hideaways are romantic retreats. Many choose to stay at Grand Bahama Island hotels to get the best of both worlds.

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