Hotels In Freeport Bahamas

Written by Patty Yu
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Hotels in Freeport Bahamas are plenty, making travel plans a challenge for many prospective visitors. However, the zillions of options were designed to give tourists every possible choice to suit each individual's personal taste and budget. The Freeport/Lucaya city was built from the ground up following a modernistic approach so that it could appeal to any type of traveler!

If you are unsure which hotels in Freeport Bahamas to pick, think about what type of vacation you envision. Some travelers want to experience the hustle and bustle that Freeport Grand Bahama Islands has to offer. Others prefer a more intimate place to lodge in the main city, but plan to explore the rest of the island. The options are all there for you to experience once you know what you want!

Hotels in Freeport Bahamas for the Discerning Traveler

Freeport is home of many Bahamas resorts that offer guests every amenity, service, and facility one could need. Some travelers enjoy the convenience offered by a "mega" resort because meals, drinks, many activities, and entertainment are all-inclusive in the rate. Guests who wish to enjoy the casinos, shows, clubs, and bars in Freeport are very happy staying at the large resorts.

However, there are also smaller hotels in Freeport Bahamas for travelers who prefer to personalize their Bahamas vacations. A nice central location to stay, Freeport is convenient to other parts of Grand Bahamas. On the far ends of the island are more tranquil areas to visit and full of natural beauty and quaint Bahaman charm. Travelers may enjoy a day at the Port Lucaya International Bazaar for unique shopping, or tour the Lucayan National Park's stunning underwater cave system!

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