Nassau Airport

Written by Patty Yu
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Many airports service the Islands of the Bahamas, but only the Nassau airport and Freeport airport accommodate longer flights originating from outside of the Caribbean. The Nassau International Airport is located on New Providence Island just ten miles away from the capital of the Bahamas bearing the same name. Freeport International Airport is located on Grand Bahama, another popular tourist destination.

Those traveling to the Bahamas usually fly into one of these two major airports for their Bahamas vacations. Nassau airport receives most of North American flights from major carriers, with daily flights to and from Florida, as well as flights from New York and Philadelphia several times a week. Once a week, Nassau also receives flights from both Toronto and Montreal. Travelers from Europe must make a fast change in Miami to arrive in Nassau.

Although Freeport Grand Bahama Islands is one of the Bahamas' most popular tourist destinations, most of the flights into Freeport International Airport are from Nassau airport connections. However, many cities in the southern United States do offer flights directly into Freeport. Between the rest of the Bahamas, many short "island-hopper" flights are available to reach any other island from Nassau airport.

Just Minutes from Nassau Airport

Regardless where you flew from into Nassau airport, after a short ride you'll be right in the middle of the Bahamas' most exciting areas. Every kind of accommodation is available, from charming, small hotels to the huge "mega" resorts! Bahamas Nassau travel usually involves world-class dining, stunning beaches, gorgeous weather, and an array of activities from some casino action, to shopping!

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