Paradise Island Vacation Packages

Written by Patty Yu
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Close vicinity and convenience to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, makes Paradise Island vacation packages in high demand. Travelers from all over the world make the trip to one or more of the Bahamas' many tropical islands. Unique history and landscapes make each island diverse from the next, offering visitors endless options when planning their Bahamas vacations.

However, there are a few characteristics of this archipelago nation that every island possesses; that being the amazingly clear turquoise waters, stunning beaches, and stellar weather. People choose travel to the Bahamas as an escape from real life--stepping out of a dreary winter, or dull summer, and stepping into a lush world of brilliantly stimulating sites, experiences, and pleasures. The impeccable weather year round allow for travel anytime you wish!

Coveted Paradise Island Vacation Packages

Located right off of New Providence Island, and connected by bridge to Nassau, is Paradise Island. The island boasts beautiful, white sand beaches all around with top-notch luxury accommodations, which offer many different Paradise Island vacation packages. Many are drawn to Paradise Island for the excitement provided by a large casino and outstanding entertainment options.

Another reason visitors enjoy Paradise Island vacation packages is the smaller island's easy accessibility to Nassau, which is the Bahamas' capital. Nassau combines much of the old world charm with new, modern features and attractions. Gorgeous beaches, unique shopping, excellent dining, and many other activities draw crowds all year round. As the center of industry and commerce in the country, Nassau offers something for every discerning traveler.

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