Bicycle Vacation

Written by Scott Martin
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When I first suggested a bicycle vacation to my children, they just rolled their eyes at me. Even though they prefer to play video games and lounge around, I thought they would enjoy a change in pace. Despite their reluctance, I signed up the entire family for a bicycle vacation.

A Family Bicycle Vacation

I looked online and found a provider who could fulfill our schedule and needs. It was easier than I thought it would be. All I had to do was sign up, and they arranged everything else.

My children had a wonderful time on the vacation. We spent three days with the tour, riding from small town to small town through the pastoral California countryside. My youngest son was particularly intrigued by all of the historical information that he learned.

When we returned home, all my youngest son could do was talk about the trip. He bragged about what he learned to all of his friends. His teacher was also impressed by his newfound historical knowledge. If you look online today, you are sure to find bicycle vacation that fulfils your dreams.

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