Cycling Vacation

Written by Scott Martin
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Why not consider taking a cycling vacation, if you're thinking about visiting the Bay Area? Some of the most wonderful tours of the San Francisco area are taken by bicycle. In fact, it's the preferred method of travel for many native San Franciscans.

Advantages to Cycling Vacations

One of the greatest advantages to cycling vacations is, of course, the exercise. How many times have you returned home from a vacation, feeling overstuffed with food and understimulated physically? With a cycling vacation, you can be sure that you'll be feeling active and refreshed.

Another great boon of cycling vacations is the perfect pace they offer for touring. While walking tours tend to be a bit too leisurely, offering you less covered ground, tram tours whiz you by things a bit too quickly. A bike tour can offer you a middle ground in pace, to be sure you have time to take things in, but can still cover a lot of ground in one tour.

Best of all, you get to be part of the scenery and urban landscape by taking a cycling vacation. You become a participant, not simply an observer. Look online today for details on how to book your cycling vacation.

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