Multisport Vacation

Written by Scott Martin
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A multisport vacation is a wonderful way to spend your time away from home. If you're like me and my husband, you don't want a vacation where you simply vegetate and come home heavier than you were when you left! You want to get out and experience the region surrounding you, and the life experiences waiting to be had.

Advantages of a Multisport Vacation

This is why a multisport vacation can be such a wonderful choice. You can engage in a host of sports, including kayaking and hiking. These are usually offered in a 4-day cycle, making it the perfect vacation length.

Some of the most amazing multisport vacations I've taken have been nestled in the Sonoma Valley. With mountainous regions and flatlands alike, this area is perfect for the sporting soul. In fact, you can also have access to some of the best kayaking territory out there!

No matter what kind of sports enthusiast you are, you'll be impressed with the array of activities offered in a multisport vacation package. These are often offered by tour companies, so look online today to check out your options. Best of all, you will return home with a feeling of great accomplishment and heightened spirits!

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