Napa Valley Wine Tour

Written by Scott Martin
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If you're visiting Northern California, you must take a Napa Valley wine tour. One of the most famous regions of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Napa Valley has so much to offer. Whether you're looking for fine wines, gourmet food, or just a relaxing spa vacation, the Napa Valley has it all.

What to Expect on a Napa Valley Wine Tour

Usually, you can tour the Napa Valley on bicycle. This is an extraordinary way to visit the region, as the wineries are clustered in the same strip, but can be located a short distance away from each other. By touring via bicycle, you can visit more wineries in less time.

At each winery, expect to tour the lush grounds and see some amazing architecture. Furthermore, you are always invited to taste each winery's wine, to compare and contrast. Best of all, you'll receive valuable information about the winemaking process, and how to tell good wines from inferior ones.

You can also sign up for some Napa Valley tours that will take you to some of the most beautiful regions around. The lush green hills of the Napa Valley are worth the trip in and of themselves. Combine that with gorgeous wineries set against majestic mountains, and you'll swear you've found heaven on earth.

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