Sonoma Wine Tour

Written by Scott Martin
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A Sonoma wine tour can be an excellent alternative for those who appreciate high culture without the hectic pace of a big city. Sonoma County has long since been home to fine wines and culture. However, nestled in between Marin and Napa counties, this often-overlooked gem is one of the most wonderful vacation destinations.

Whether for an extended stay or a day trip, Sonoma truly has it all--or all you'd ever want in a vacation. The town of Sonoma is quaint and small, but home to some of the finest restaurants and boutiques in all of California. You can even visit the old Sonoma missions, for added history.

A Sonoma wine tour will generally take you to a wide variety of wineries. In fact, you'll get to learn the winemaking process, from the vine to the wine. No matter what your level of viticulture expertise and knowledge, you're sure to walk away knowing more than you ever did before.

Choosing a Sonoma Wine Tour

Because you want to get the most out of your touring experience, you'll want to choose the best Sonoma wine tour. Look online for recommendations from satisfied customers, to help you determine which company to choose. This ensures that those who have gone before you have fallen in love with Sonoma, and felt their tours were informative and delightful.

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