Wine Country Vacation

Written by Scott Martin
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Fifteen years ago, we took our family on a wine country vacation. However, we had no idea where the wineries were, or which activities to embark upon. The entire trip ended up being a fiasco, with sun burnt children, aimless driving, and very little information to go on.

When I came out to California for a dear friend's wedding in the wine country, I wondered if it was worth an extended stay. However, my husband and I had enjoyed a marvelous two tours of the Bay Area by bike on a recent trip to California. We figured that since we had such great luck with these tours in 'Frisco, we would try to find one out in the wine country.

The wine country vacation became a magical time for the two of us, after embarking on our wine country tour. We tasted wine, dined at fine restaurants, biked through the scenery, and enjoyed each other's company. It was just like a second honeymoon!

A Wine Country Vacation Guided by a Tour

Looking back, I think that the reason we enjoyed ourselves so very much this second time around was due solely to our wine country tour. It made our wine country vacation more special than ever, and acclimated us to the area. Look online today to find a recommended tour for you and yours!

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