Mini Bus

Written by Laurie Nichol
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If you're interested in bus charter and rental information, but feel that your group is too small to warrant a large executive coach, there are other options. Sometimes, whether groups are just in need of an airport shuttle, or they want to take a trip with a smaller number of people, they opt to rent a mini bus. Travel by bus is a fantastic idea for many reasons, and the new breed of mini bus offers all of the comfort and amenities of its larger cousins.

Today's Mini Bus

Don't think it's just a glorified van! If you're thinking about renting a mini bus from one of the many bus charter companies who offer them, you'll find that they have all the options you could ask for. An on-board bathroom is an amenity that all travelers are grateful for, and they are now available on these smaller vehicles.

Besides a lavatory, mini buses manage to fit a large luggage area, wide handicap access pathways, and seating for twenty to thirty people--all on their compact frames! There's really no difference between one of these smaller buses and one of the large luxury coaches, except for size and looks. You'll arrive well-rested and refreshed, since these small buses offer just as much leg-room and head space as larger ones.

People who charter these mini buses from bus travel companies use them for all kinds of trips. From short runs between airports, hotels and worksites, to relatively local day-trips and overnights. Whether it's a business trip or a family vacation, there's still plenty of room for you and your group, your luggage, and all your personal space!

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