California Wine Country

Written by Joy MacKay
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Each year, countless visitors tour the California wine country, and with good reason. Aside from having some of the most acclaimed wineries in the world, the wine country also boasts some of the finest restaurants, luxurious spas, and astounding arts. Combine that with the area's natural beauty, and you'll see why people flock to the California wine country each year.

As you begin your exploration of the California wine country, you'll want to find an informative and relaxing tour to acquaint you with its many wineries. It's overzealous and naive to attempt to see all the wineries in one short trip; however, you can visit many of them during a comprehensive wine tour. Here are a few tips to help you find a tour that is right for you.

Finding a Tour of the California Wine Country

No matter which tour you sign up for, you will want to make sure it is engaging as well as informational. Wineries have their own tours, but they tend to only scratch the surface on the amazing breadth of knowledge. By singing up with a comprehensive tour, you can be sure to glean a breadth of information that will be yours to keep forever.

Some wine tours even let you tour the grounds of the vineyards, and explain the geology and history of the soil. Your wine tour should teach about the growing process and conditions, and the cultivation of the wine itself. Most of all, your tour guides should be friendly and down-to-earth, welcoming questions from all visitors.

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