California Wine Country Tours

Written by Joy MacKay
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Of all the tours you'll take in your lifetime, few have as much to offer as California wine country tours. The lush greenery of the Napa and Sonoma valleys stretches out before you, and the rich history of the area is ripe with enlightening information. California wine country tours take you on a journey through the wine-making process, and let you explore these glorious grounds on foot.

The wine country offers more than simply vineyards and wineries, of course. In addition to what you will glean from the exceptional tours, the area gives a measure of enlightenment all its own. The Napa and Sonoma valleys truly embody a way of life--fine wines and fine culture, at a relaxed pace in a beautiful setting.

Discovering the Wine Country with Guides

Perhaps you're thinking of trekking up to the wine country with your loved one or family. It can certainly be a wonderful getaway, giving way to romance and relaxation. You might even think you can handle it all with a map and a few free tours.

However, the information you receive during professional tours of the California wine country are incomparable. The more you learn, the more you take with you, into your personal life, and on your next visit (and you definitely will want to come back!). They also make an excellent way to get an overview of the area if you've never been before, and a way to avoid crowded winery tours that fill up quickly for the entire day.

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