California Wine Tours

Written by Joy MacKay
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The best way to see the California wine country is to take one of the many California wine tours available. The lush greenery of the vineyards, the state-of-the-art vintner's machinery, and the gorgeous landscaping await you as you embark on your wine tour. California wine tours bring you closer to the wine you drink, and familiarize you with the process of wine making.

Knowing Your Wines through California Wine Tours

One of the marks of a cultured individual is his or her ability to identify fine wine. However, the lay-knowledge that you might already have about wine is relatively small compared to what you can learn with California wine tours. Discover the intricacies of the wine-making process, and learn about the history of growing and pressing wine grapes.

Learn about the difference between sparkling wine and true champagne. Learn about the aging process, and the way that different wines are created. Discover the rich history of the valley's land, and the original vintners in the area.

California wine tours are a wonderful way to acquaint yourself (or reacquaint yourself) with the winery process. Visit the vineyards of your favorite wines, and introduce yourself to some new wineries in the process. Best of all, after your tour, sample the fine wines grown locally at complimentary tastings.

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