Napa Valley Winery Tours

Written by Scott Martin
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Napa Valley winery tours come in all shapes and sizes--and you'll want to decide which type of tour is best for you before booking. There are Napa Valley winery tours which will concentrate on a single vineyard. However, for a more comprehensive experience, you should confirm that your tour will be embarking on a journey that includes several wineries, at least.

The tour should allow you time to explore each winery. You shouldn't feel rushed as you go from winery to winery; however, some tours try to pack in ten wineries into one day. Three or four wineries are usually an optimal number to visit in a single day.

Food and Napa Valley Winery Tours

Some wineries will offer you hors d'oeuvres to accompany your wine tasting. Other wineries offer a picnic area for you to eat your own lunches in. Some tours will even provide a lunch included with certain tours.

You'll want to find out beforehand what your food options are, so you don't go hungry during a long day of tasting. You'll also often want to have something in your stomach to offset the wine you're consuming. Contact your touring company to find out what they recommend for your dining choices the day of the tour.

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