Napa Wine Tour

Written by Scott Martin
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A Napa wine tour is an exceptional way to explore the fine wineries of Northern California. One of the most beautiful regions of the West Coast, the Napa Valley boasts the best in fine arts, food, and wines. Best of all, this serene resort area offers world-class spas, mud baths, and hot springs.

Experiencing a Napa Wine Tour

A Napa wine tour will take you through the gorgeous landscapes of each winery. Typically, you will visit a few wineries in any given tour, allowing you to sample different wines and view different vineyards. Best of all, a tour guide will explain the vintner process for you, in great detail and accuracy.

After you complete your Napa wine tours, you'll find yourself an expert of sorts in winetasting. You'll know what to look for next time you purchase a bottle of wine. You'll be able to learn about how to tell finer wines from average ones, and how to assess any bottle of wine on your own.

Best of all, Napa wine tours pamper you as you make your way through the vineyards. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and hors d'oeuvres are often served. All questions are happily answered, and complimentary wine is usually served.

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