Aruba Vacation Packages

Written by BK Shaw
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If the Caribbean is on your list of places to visit soon, one of your logical next steps is to research Aruba vacation packages. Aruba is the A in the A, B, C islands. It got its name from the Arawak word "oruba," meaning "well placed." It was considered well situated because of the ease of reaching South America from its shores. Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles until 1986, when the island found its way to independence. Aruba is an excellent choice for a vacation and there are some incredible Aruba vacation packages available.

The island has about 28 major hotels, which are located (for the most part) along one strip. You will see theme parties every night of the week in addition to beach parties, barbecues, live bands and lots of other entertainment. If you are looking for a party, Aruba is a good place to visit. You will also be able to take advantage of duty free shopping on this island.

You will find many beaches on Aruba that seem quite perfect and will help you make the most of your Aruba vacation packages. On the island's southernmost tip, there lies a Caribbean type of perfection. The sand is white and the water turquoise with cooling trade winds to bask in. The winds can create the illusion, however, that the sun isn't strong. Don't be deceived or you will have to nurse a sunburn. The good thing about the Caribbean is that natural aloe is readily available.

Booking Your Aruba Vacation Packages

When I visit the Caribbean for anything longer than a week, I like to visit a couple of different islands. My ideal Aruba vacation packages would include three days on Aruba, and four days on Bonaire. In this way, I can enjoy party-filled days and nights and then go to Bonaire for an elegant rest.

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