Bonaire Hotels

Written by BK Shaw
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The Caribbean in general is one of my favorite places in the world to visit, and Bonaire hotels are at the top of my list. The nights are so warm you can wear next to nothing, and the ocean is so warm--there's nothing like taking a midnight swim. Of course, even paradise has its menaces so don't forget the bug spray! Ideally, you'll want to choose one of the Bonaire hotels close to the ocean, preferably on a swimming beach.

The beauty of many of Bonaire's beaches is that they remain unexploited and so harbor a natural beauty. A lot of them are small and hidden in between limestone cliffs. If you prefer a beach with refreshments and water activities, you will want to visit some of the Bonaire hotels on the beach. A favorite spot is Playa Lechi, which can be found in front of the Sunset Beach Hotel.

A visit to Bonaire wouldn't be the same without a visit to the Pink Beach. This beach is the most famous on Bonaire and can be found close to the salt works. The beach is famous not just for its length and breadth, but also for the pinkish hues in which it appears when it is wet. The color is caused by non-harmful bacteria that also turn the salt pans pink.

Booking Your Bonaire Hotels

The Internet contains a wealth of information and booking your Bonaire hotels online could not be easier. You will be able to compare features and amenities and, in many cases, see your room online before you make a reservation. Be aware of the high season in the Caribbean and make sure you book well in advance. Not only does hotel space run out, but so do seats on airplanes!

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