Caribbean Scuba Diving Info

Written by BK Shaw
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Providing you're certified, you can enjoy diving just about anywhere in the Caribbean, and there is plenty of Caribbean scuba diving info out there to help you plan the perfect getaway. You can enjoy reefs and wrecks and be constantly entertained by the underwater world. If you enjoy wreck dives, you will find dozens of downed ships off islands such as Antigua, Dominica, St Lucia or Barbados. There are other areas to find wrecks and your hotel or resort will be a great source of Caribbean scuba diving info.

If you're not on a Club Med dive vacation or a dive vacation with a reputable dive operation, I would recommend finding out where the dive center facilities are located at your final destination. My personal preference is always to look for a PADI center, and preferably a five star facility. At least this way I know the equipment will be properly maintained if I opt not to take my own. You will find plenty of Caribbean scuba diving info on the website for PADI.

If you are traveling with your dive gear, make sure you carry your 1st and 2nd stages, along with any dive computers on the airplane. You want to have that equipment in the pressurized cabin. I never put the rest of my gear in a dive bag when I'm traveling. Although I take my dive bag with me, you must protect expensive equipment from quick fingers. For this reason, my dive gear is always packed in an unmarked duffel bag.

More Caribbean Scuba Diving Info

If you are being taken on a guided dive, which is very often the case in the Caribbean, always ask the dive-master what the depth and length of the dive will be. You always want to make sure you are diving within your personal comfort zone and getting the proper Caribbean scuba diving info. This will keep you safe and going back for more!

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