Diving In The Caribbean

Written by BK Shaw
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There are several fantastic places to go diving in the Caribbean. My favorite place to dive in the area is Belize, closely followed by the Cayman Islands and then the A, B, C islands. The water is warm so the only reason for wearing any kind of wetsuit is for protection. You might want to bring a wetsuit for cooler days or night diving, but the maximum thickness necessary would be 3mm.

The visibility is incredible, especially in the areas named above where one can often see for 100 feet or more when diving in the Caribbean. The fish life can be spectacular and of course the colors of the coral, sponges and other marine life are out of this world. There are also many great opportunities for wreck dives and cave diving.

You can also spend your vacation on a dive boat and enjoy up to five dives a day in the gorgeous Caribbean waters. Although this isn't a vacation for a non-diver, maybe you'd like to get your non-diving partner certified in the Caribbean. It can be very cost effective, and of course the Caribbean has some of the easiest diving in the world, as well as the best conditions.

Diving in the Caribbean Vacations

Some of my favorite vacations have been dive vacations in the Caribbean. I like to know that all I have to do every day is take a boat ride, don my gear and take a long, deep plunge to wonder at the amazing underwater world. I thrive on the peace and quiet found beneath the ocean's surface, and am always thrilled by the existence of a world beyond the scope of our everyday reality. When you go diving in the Caribbean, you'll likely experience something similar.

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