Connecticut Accommodations

Written by Amy Hall
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If you are devising a weekend getaway or even a two-week vacation to Connecticut, you are going to have to consider the different Connecticut accommodations at some point in your planning. Sure, there are loads of inexpensive hotels and motels in the area, but if you really want to experience the true flavor of New England, your best bet would be a historic Connecticut bed and breakfast. There are numerous quaint and charming Connecticut inns to choose from, and they really allow visitors to sink their teeth into that Yankee hospitality.

When researching the various Connecticut accommodations, the first place to begin your search is with the region of the state you plan on spending most of your time. If you are not interested in driving all over God's creation while you are in Connecticut, it would be best for you to choose an inn or bed and breakfast that is within walking distance of the attractions you want to see. Southeast Connecticut is a big tourist spot because it is home to Mystic and Stonington, two popular seaside communities that have much to offer visitors.

The Connecticut accommodations you would likely find in this area are mainly bed and breakfast lodgings that retain that old world charm and feel. Many visitors prefer this type of lodging because it offers a personal touch to their stay, and it gives them a chance to make some new friends with fellow visitors in a comfortable environment. You can meet for breakfast around a roaring fire and chat with your neighbors about the local attractions, the hot restaurants in the area, as well as the great shopping that Mystic and Stonington offer.

Historic Connecticut Accommodations

Historic bed and breakfast accommodations are a treat for any visitor spending time in Connecticut. When you opt for a bed and breakfast over a regular hotel, you can expect to be greeted by your first name when you come and go, and you can indulge in some of the comforts of home, such as always available fresh baked goodies, hot coffee or tea, and great conversation with your fellow travelers. Staying in a bed and breakfast will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed, which is what a vacation is all about anyway.

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