Connecticut Inns

Written by Amy Hall
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Connecticut inns are dispersed throughout the state, and they offer travelers a charming alternative to hotels when they visit Connecticut. Perhaps you are wondering what your Connecticut lodgings will consist of when you elect to stay at an inn in lieu of a big hotel. Well, for one, you can expect lots of rich history and New England charm. Connecticut inns have canopy beds, fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, antique furniture, and lots of warm hospitality from the innkeepers.

Most Connecticut inns are located in a picturesque setting, which means you will find lots of flowers, trees, animal life, and perhaps a beach or two nearby. If you long for a bit of reprieve from the daily stresses of life, and a country setting is what you want, you can find many inns that can accommodate your wishes. You can also expect to receive some serious pampering when you bunk in at an inn, whether you are staying for one night or one week.

Most inns welcome their guests each morning with a full country breakfast, consisting of everything from pancakes to omelets to stuffed French toast, and whatever else your stomach desires. You can linger around the breakfast table and chat with other guests, or you can eat your breakfast and hit the sites. Maybe you would prefer to go outside for a nice hike or bicycle ride, and then return to the inn for a scrumptious breakfast.

Historical Connecticut Inns

If you are looking to step back in time, Connecticut inns can help you do just that. Many of the inns throughout the state are on the National Historic List of Inns, and you can expect the architecture and the decor to be in keeping with the time period in which it was built. When you vacation in Connecticut, you can delight in the serenity of nature and the discovery of history for a trip that will bring you many happy memories.

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