Connecticut Lodgings

Written by Amy Hall
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Have you been browsing the Internet looking at the various Connecticut lodgings available to visitors? Planning a trip can be great fun, and even more gratifying when you choose Connecticut accommodations that suit your needs and your wants perfectly. Therefore, it is best to outline in advance exactly what it is you expect from your accommodations and your trip in general.

The best way to go about accomplishing this task is to make a list of the sites you must see while in Connecticut. Once you have established where the popular sites are, you will likely want to pick some Connecticut lodgings that are in close proximity to these sites. If your trip is going to be taking you to Mystic, which is in the southeastern portion of the state, you will want to focus your research on inns, hotels, and motels in that specific area.

Next, you will want to figure out if you are more of a hotel person, or if you prefer the intimacy of a quaint bed and breakfast. Of course, hotels offer all the modern amenities you would need, but many inns also have modern conveniences that make it easier for visitors to take a step back in time. When looking at Connecticut lodgings, it is wise to keep an open mind when planning your accommodations.

Elegant Connecticut Lodgings

If you are looking for a unique lodging experience, historical bed and breakfast inns are absolutely the way to go. The people who run these quaint establishments make it their priority to treat each and every guest with personalized attention, which means you can expect to feel special during your stay. Simple touches like fresh flowers on your bedside table, homemade cookies left on your pillowcase, and handmade quilts on your canopy bed make your accommodations so pleasurable that you may wish to return year after year.

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