Florence Griswold Museum

Written by Amy Hall
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The Florence Griswold Museum is located in Old Lyme, which is a seaside community not far from Mystic. If you plan to visit Connecticut in the near future, and you appreciate history and art, you must make it a priority to visit this famous museum. The Florence Griswold Museum is a historic place because it promoted authentic American art right from its inception.

The Lyme Art Colony, which was centered in Miss Florence Griswold's boarding house, became America's most well known summer art colony during the early 20th century. Today, this museum is known as the Home of American Impressionism, as it houses the most glorious art, history, and landscape. Whether you are an art historian, or you simply enjoy looking at beautiful paintings and sculptures, you must visit the Florence Griswold Museum during your stay in Connecticut.

This museum is constantly in a state of change, which is wonderful for visitors who have been to the museum during a prior visit. The exhibitions are both educational and entertaining, and both children and adults alike will find the museum captivating. You will truly get a sense of American art and history by viewing pieces that were created during the beginning stages of Impressionism.

The Remarkable Florence Griswold Museum

If you check out the Internet for things to do in Connecticut, the Florence Griswold Museum will most certainly pop up again and again. It would be worth your while to make a trip to see what American Impressionism is all about, as well as take in the charm of Old Lyme. When you are done touring the museum, there are some wonderful shops and restaurants in the area that can satisfy your hunger for some good New England chow.

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