Gillette Castle State Park

Written by Amy Hall
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Gillette Castle State Park is located in East Haddam, Connecticut, and it consists of the famous Gillette Castle and hiking rails that are open to the public on a limited basis. Gillette Castle was once home to the late William Gillette, who became famous for his stage portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Some people like to take in the scenery on the Essex Steam Trains, and then disembark for a nice hike through Gillette Castle State Park.

Those who elect to take the thirty-minute train ride will stop at the Ferry Road flagstop for a brief hike to the Chester/Hadlyme Ferry. The ferry then transports hikers to the base of Gillette Castle State Park, where they hike up a hill of intermediate trails to the castle. The entire expedition takes about one hour each way, so it is best that you wear good hiking shoes and waterproof clothing if it is drizzling outside.

The terrain to the castle is not suitable for strollers, so this trip is best for older children who can walk and adults. The Gillette Castle Connection is available to hikers on operating days of the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat, which runs from May 1 through October 31, 2004. For an updated schedule, you can log onto the Internet and look up the Essex Steam Train/Riverboat excursion to Gillette Castle State Park.

Visit the Famous Gillette Castle State Park

There are certainly many things to do in Connecticut, but if you enjoy being outside with nature all around you, the hike to Gillette Castle is an activity you should consider doing. Many tourists find the train/ferry ride through the Connecticut River Valley very peaceful, as the scenery is simply gorgeous. It is important to note that the train tickets do not include fees for the ferry or the tour of the castle.

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