Goodspeed Opera House

Written by Amy Hall
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William Goodspeed, to provide a venue for his love of theater, built the Goodspeed Opera House in 1876. Today, that love still carries out with many new shows being performed throughout the year, such as Where's Charley? and Call Me Madam. Tourists who visit Connecticut can enjoy nationally acclaimed musicals performed in the historic Victorian theater, which overlooks the scenic Connecticut River.

The Goodspeed Opera House is located in East Haddam, which is about a 50-minute drive from Mystic. If you are staying at a Connecticut bed and breakfast in Mystic, you may wish to rent a car for a day so that you can possibly take in one of the musicals playing at the opera house. The chances are great that you will have an evening that will go down in the memory bank as magical and uplifting.

Every April through December season brings with it some new and exciting musicals at the Goodspeed Opera House. Goodspeed produces three musicals at the Opera House in East Haddam, and three new musicals at the Norma Terris Theater, which is located in Chester and affiliated with the Opera House. The theater is named in honor of the actress Norma Terris, star of Jerome Kern's Show Boat, who was also an avid patron and trustee of the Goodspeed Opera House during her later years.

Dance and Sing at the Goodspeed Opera House

If you want to be thoroughly entertained, taking in a musical at the Goodspeed Opera House can cure that craving. To learn about show times, ticket rates, and upcoming musicals, simply log onto the Web and perform a search for the opera house. You can make reservations online, which can save you time once you arrive in Connecticut for your vacation.

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