Hiking In Connecticut

Written by Amy Hall
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Boy oh boy, you sure have your pick of trails when it comes to hiking in Connecticut. If you are planning to travel to Connecticut, and you want to spend a good portion of your time outside, you are in luck because there are many things to do in terms of outdoor recreation. The great thing about the various hiking trails is that they are located throughout the state, so it does not matter where your Connecticut lodgings are situated, because you will likely find a trail or two within a short distance.

Moving to the northwest portion of the state is Macadonia Brook, which is located in Kent. Hiking in Connecticut does not get much more scenic or enjoyable, as there are two peaks near 1,400 feet that offer incredible views of the Catskills and Taconic Mountains. There are also numerous springs and streams, as well as a picnic area, parking, outhouses, and telephones. There is no fee to hike in this location.

Gillette Castle State Park also has hiking, with 125 acres of land for enjoying a picnic, discovering some wildlife, or working up a sweat on the trails. The park is open from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, from eight in the morning to seven in the evening, daily. You can also check out the Gillette Castle for a fee, which can be found online.

Hiking in Connecticut Is Unforgettable

If you are really interested in hiking in Connecticut, you may want to head to Greenwich, in the southwest portion of the state. The Audobon Center has a one and a half mile trail, as well as an observation area, exhibits, and a teacher's resource area. There is an admission fee to enter the center and do some hiking. There are also other numerous hiking trails in the state, so be sure to look online when planning your trip.

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