Mark Twain House

Written by Amy Hall
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The Mark Twain House is located in Hartford, Connecticut and is one of the state's historical buildings. The home is known for its unique architecture and whimsical design style, which many tourists find fascinating. Upon closer inspection, guests to the Mark Twain House will discover many idiosyncrasies, such as gables that are not identical, chimneys that do not seem in keeping with the slope of the roof, or towers that seem to rise up out of nowhere.

Entering the Twain House is also an adventure in design and craftsmanship, as no corner of the house is perhaps what one would expect it to be. Louis Comfort Tiffany and his partners in Associated Artists designed the interiors. What you will discover is that the design is a big collaboration, with styles from all over the world coming together in whimsical fashion.

If you are looking to see a truly unique historical site, then the Mark Twain House should be on your list of places to visit in Connecticut. You will not believe your eyes when you step inside and see African art mingling with Indian rugs and British china. Somehow, this arrangement of design styles works together and visitors often leave the Twain House with some design inspirations for their own homes.

The Whimsical Mark Twain House

Newer technologies were incorporated into the house, with a gravity flow heat system, split flues, which allow for windows over the fireplaces, and seven bathrooms with flushable toilets. Mark Twain prided himself on the modernization of his home, one of the first in the area to have a private telephone installed. When you visit Connecticut, make sure you find some time to stop by this historic home and get a sense of Mark Twain's visions.

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